Arr! So ye want te be a space pirate, eh? Tis a life fraught with danger, glory, poor enunciation an plunder, that! Take te the stars te trade, attack, invade, and conquer yer way te total galactic domination! Arr!

Explore the galaxy in vast, hulking tubs o steel and titanium; discover strange and exotic lands ripe for trade or plunder; hire a motley assortment of scalliwags, neer-do-wells, and nuclear astrophysicists gone bad; discover the perils of excessive inebriation; weld, tape an staple together the meanest man o war this side of the sun; slay yer adversaries with scalding beams of plasma and witty repartee; establish yourself as savior or bane; and run errands for people! Aye, the life of a space pirate has never been more exciting, and its never been more real than it is in iAye!